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Most sought after provider of solutions and services for Telecommunications industry

Telecom,  Kabul, Afghanistan
Foretech Network is a pioneer in providing services and solutions for Telecom vertical in the Afghanistan. Our strong understanding of technology and experience in the region, helps us to bring the best products, solutions & technical practices to the fast growing telecom industry and to deliver world class quality of services to maximize Network Data and Voice performance.
Foretech Network is in partnerships with world’s greatest companies for leading products for Wireless, Test & Measurement, Security, Infrastructure and Monitoring.
Our front-line solutions include those used for Monitoring, Stress Testing, Customer Experience Management (QoE), Roaming & Interconnect, Revenue Assurance, Business Intelligence, OSS/BSS, DMS, Disaster Recovery Automation, GIS and Contact Centres.
Foretech Network has also proven to be a leader in the Afghanistan in providing services for Network Planning and Optimization, Drive Test & Post processing, RF & LOS Field survey, Installation, Maintenance, Passive Intermodulation testing, Time Synchronization Audits, EMF testing, Manpower outsourcing, Fiber works, Revenue Assurance/Fraud Management  & Security Consulting, and Wireless Professional trainings.

Foretech Network Resonates Unbeatable Technology & Deliverance

How we look at the ICT Market of META Region – Exciting, Inspiring & Enthralling


Foretech Network ( Head office )
Street No. 10 House No. 9 Wazir Akbar Khan
Kabul Afghanistan
Tel: +93-786-000-056