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Smart Home / Office Automation

Smart Home / Office Automation, Kabul, Afghanistan | Foretech Network

Smart Home / Office Automation, Kabul, Afghanistan
Smart home - residential extension of building automation, makes use of latest technology for complete centralized control of motorized curtains, lightings, blinds, air-conditioners and electrical appliances. This technology also integrates with many other systems like card access control system, CCTV, audio-video (AV) system, garden watering system to offer you the enhanced comfort and convenience with security. 
Even control your office’s music, lights, temperature, video sources and more, from an in-wall touch screen. Program it all to switch from work mode to meeting mode at the press of a button. These office automations solutions are built around with the future growth platforms, so you can invest in a system that offers you many benefits:
Benefits & Features
  • Flexibility and Control
  • Convenient and Saves TimeReliability
Solutions Offered:
Automation & Control
Integrates the supply chain and enables the integration between the enterprise and plant –floor systems. These are used in many places from initial development to on-site installation, Repairing and training, ensuring successful implementation of projects. 
Curtain Control
Easily close your curtains with a remote control before you leave home. It is an ideal solution for bedrooms, living rooms, office blinds and curtains, hotels and others.
Climate Control
This system provides you with the ultimate control of your home, enables your blinds and thermostats to work together to increase the energy efficiency. It also helps to reduce the demands of the heating and cooling systems while preventing from the harmful UV rays. 
 Foretech Network offers Home/office automation systems which are be manufactured as per client requirements. We provide the systems that are designed with the latest technology and allows you to control and secure your house and office in a modern way. 

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