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SafeNet, Kabul, Afghanistan | Foretech Network

SafeNet is a large company focused exclusively on protection of high-value information assets with over 25000 clients worldwide.  Foretech Networkis proud to be the business partners of SafeNet and will cater to requirements in the Afghanistan region. SafeNet protects electronic bank transfers, digital identities with strong authentication and high value software by providing intellectual property rights and licenses.
The core portfolio includes:
1. Authentication Products & Solutions
Access control is the need of the hour by organizations where security is of paramount importance. With 100% trusted authentication environment you can better self-control your data, secured seamless migrations to cloud, extendable authentication services for hardware, software and cloud. With strong authentication modes, the users can gain access to business services wherever they are.
2. Data Encryption Products & Solutions
Organizations today have moved on to data-centric approach to safeguard their most sensitive information. SafeNet offers comprehensive encryption and cryptographic key management solutions to enable organizations to secure sensitive data in databases, applications, storage systems, virtualized platforms, and cloud environments. 
3. Software Monetization Solutions
Every software company adopts measures to increase the profitability of their intellectual property to maximize the monetary value of your software. We take into consideration each aspect of software monetization- packaging, control, management and monitoring. With expert professionals, we assist you throughout the setup and implementation process.

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