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BlueCoat, Kabul Afghanistan

Blue Coat offers the most advanced and sophisticated security technology in the industry. Foretech Network Kabul Afghanistan recommends technologies, products, services, and capabilities from Blue Coat to provide total protection. The portfolio protects you against web and network-based threats, prevent data loss, and give you flexible business policy control across enterprise, web, social and mobile networks.
The salient features of Blue Coat include:
Transform fear into productivity: Blue Coat protects against the full spectrum of web threats, including Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), phishing, malware and more to protect your business.
Extend the security zone to more users, apps and devices: Customers can scale the secure zone of their networks through a cloud-based model, extending security coverage to remote users, roaming users and branch offices.
Control policies intelligently: Security and Policy Enforcement Center provides granular controls for Web, native mobile and mobile browser applications for Unified Policy Management.
Scale up network security performance:  The Security and Policy Enforcement Center helps solve “security sprawl” and lets you adapt security performance and scaling to match business needs.
Cut costs via the cloud: Eliminate the need to purchase on-premise hardware or software—and you can manage your policies more effectively, pay only for the resources you actually use, and scale your security on demand.
Globally, 2000+ enterprises and government agencies use these military-hardened solutions to save valuable time for incident response, to provide comprehensive report of how information was exfiltrated and to protect an organization’s intellectual property from modern malware-based attacks. 

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