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Bit9 Kabul Afghanistan

Foretech Network, the leading provider of IT security solutions, has collaborated with Bit9 to provide visibility, detection and proactive capabilities to protect your servers and endpoints against threats and attacks. The core technologies on which Bit9 works are Real-time enforcement engine and Bit9 Cloud Services.
The key capabilities of Bit9 security platform are as follows:
Visibility- Bit9 gives you complete visibility on whether malware has affected any of your machines, and if yes, what is the current status of impact and how worse the spread will be.
Detection-With real time sensors, Advanced Threat Indicators and the Bit9 Software Reputation Service, Bit9 detect advanced threats, attacks, and malware in real time.
Response- Bit9 helps you respond to any threat or attack within seconds and can extract the affected files/data to analyze, share or submit to third party.
Bit9-Key Differentiators
  • One agent for real-time visibility, detection, response and prevention
  • The only real-time monitoring and recording of endpoints and servers:
  • Real-time integration with network security
  • Cross-platform support
  • On- and off-network protection
  • Proven reliability and scalability

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